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I want ideas
I'm currently around lvl 80 on skyblock AND..... im bored ;-;. Does anyone have any ideas or projects to do on skyblock? I won't be able to complete any new achievements until my mushrooms grow, and even then I just want Ideas to do. Anyone got any?

ps. i have made a mob farm, an exp farm, an entire section for farming, a mushroom farm, in the middle of a slime farm (which is a boring, time consuming process), a whole forest of different trees, and a house, so don't suggest any of those things :P

halp plz :P
You could definitely build decorations!

Stuff like fountains, statues, etc. Things to just pass the time. C:

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Here's our Skyblock configuration! I've posted it somewhere before and it's pretty default at the moment. Feel free to suggest some challenges to add (in the format of the config). The plugin is uSkyblock

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