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Reseting echest and inventory
anytime I die the server will rollback my ender chest and inventory to a random point. I only realized this because I have been mining more recently and I was celebrating getting over a stack of diamond blocks, but I died to a cave spider And I opened my echest And I only had 50 something.
This is bad because it can be used to duplicate so this could be a serious issue
Send a PM to HappyPikachu with this thread, he can look into it.
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PM isn't necessary, this is the correct forum.

There aren't a lot of settings for PerWorldInventory in regards to enderchests. If I configure it one way, this apparently happens. If I reverse that, Ender chests clear when you leave the world (staff, see here).

It seems that despite the plugin's popularity, we need a different plugin or our own implementation. Updates to it are slow lately and there's also the possibility that Devojha's DeathControl implementation could be interfering.

There may be a window in a week or so during which I can program something, but I'm open to alternatives.
hey happyP thanks for all the work again! In survival my inventroy is wiped everytime I die, for like last 2 months. I started loosing all my good stuff slowly, i dont die often haha. Anyway because I donated my inventory should be saved when I die, my inventory is never saved, as its always cleared and no items drop on the ground. Its pretty hardcore. 

Also in my survival base can you  put a  double chest full of quartz blocks (I lost a lot of them)
I also lost a totally pimped out set of armor with mending and all that jazz but I dont really care that much. 

ps I decieded to post this here because it seemed like the bugs are pretty similar

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