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Ban Appeal for yautja_warrior

  • The reason for your ban: I have no clue. I just wanted to log in to the server and it said I was banned by an operator

  • Who issued the ban: Only said I was banned by an operator....

  • Approx. when your ban occurred: Ihave no idea. Though I wasnt banned because this is a new server I saw on a website.

  • Why your offense should be appealed ("unban pls" and "I <3 pigcraft" are not good reasons): I think the ban was a long time ago because I cannot even remember when I was banned...

  • Any information that you feel may be useful: Umm nope :3 My IGN is JadeAzarath
Yautja_Warrior was your last username on here, you posted an introduction back in 2013. I honestly don't remember your username or anything about you (sorry friend!). I didn't find anything about your ban so unless another staff member has information, I vote unban.
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