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Shady's Admin App
ShadyByrd24's Admin Application

About me
Hey everyone, my name is ShadyByrd24 and I'm 18 years old. I just finished high school and majored in Nuclear Chemistry. I love playing sports, especially football and basketball. I played tight end in football and center in basketball for many years. I started gaming back on the GameBoy and GameCube. Now I've moved to Xbox and PC. I've been playing Minecraft since mid 2011 and been loving it ever since. I joined PigCraft back in August of 2011. PigCraft was the first server I ever joined. I think the reason I've stayed for so long on the server is the community. The people that make up this server are second to none, and I enjoy all the time I get to spend talking and interacting with each and every person.

Availability: Mon-Fri: Flexible, Sat-Sun: Anytime
Access to TS/Discord/Skype: Yes
Microphone: Yes

Admin Qualities
I have been a Moderator since the end of October. Since then I have helped countless people with a multitude of different problems. I've shown responsibility and accountability by continuing to get on the server on a regular basis to assist players and build my own creations. I know many commands (listed below) that you obtain as an Admin, so I shouldn't be in too much of a bind while trying to assist players. As always, there are somethings I don't know so I'd be happy to learn new commands.

/mute <player> <time>
/ban <player> <reason>
/pardon <player>
/tempban <player> <time>
/kick <player>
/jail <player> <time>
/tphere <player>
/tpo <player>
/tppos <x> <z> <y>
/tp <player> <player>
/invsee <player>
/gm <0,1,2>
/i <item id> <amount>
/bcast <message>
/region <any of the commands that go with it>
/whois <player>

Final Words
I've loved being Moderator for these past 9 months, but I thought it was finally time to post this application. I love playing on this server and I think I'm finally mature enough to obtain the rank of Admin on it. Thank you for reading my Admin Application, enjoy the rest of your day!

My Moderator Application:
Dev enjoying his bunnies

Random Staff Noobie
I know its not in my power or ability to leave a +1. I understand I'm not staff, but I am one of the most active people in the community.

Shady is on almost every day, and is more than willing to help users who need it. I would love to see him as an administrator. I wish you the best of luck.

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