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Survival Rules
For server-wide rules, see Help & guides. You can view most of these rules in-game at the world's spawn point.

#1: No griefing.

While it's been stated already in the Server Rules, we'd like once again remind you that grief of any kind will not be tolerated. Please do not alter the roads protected builds unless you have the owner's permission to do so. Evidence of the use of X-ray mods and/or see-through texture packs to will be acted upon immediately by staff.

#2: Use GriefProtection to protect your area.

Place a Chest on an unclaimed area to make it your own! Unlike previous incarnations of our Survival world, please do not ask staff to protect an area for you. If you would like to expand your claiming capabilities, simply play on the server more frequently and the plugin will reward your dedication.

#3: Do not spawn/create illegal blocks or items.

By 'illegal', we mean anything that is not usually available to you in the Survival mode. Never ask staff to spawn items for you unless your build is to enhance the functionality of the server (i.e. community projects).

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