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PvP Rules
For server-wide rules, see Help & guides. You can view most of these rules in-game at the world's spawn point.

#1: Griefing is allowed.

This is one of the few maps where destroying others' buildings is permitted. You may also claim land as your own via the Factions plugin (see the /f command for details). Stealing items, whether from chests or a player's remains, is also allowed.

#2: No inappropriate Faction names.

Please respect the difference between adult humor and immaturity. Vulgar or otherwise inappropriate Faction names and/or descriptions may be altered by staff and is cause for having your Faction disbanded.

#3: Items may be carried over to the new map upon reset.

The fighting world of PvP will reset regularly as indicated by the in-game timer. Items may be carried over between resets via personal inventory and/or Ender Chests. Prepare beforehand as wealth lost via reset will not be reimbursed.

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