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How do I report? I want to report X_Soul

.png   2016-11-05_13.28.33 copy.png (Size: 151.42 KB / Downloads: 17)
.png   2016-11-05_13.27.46 copy.png (Size: 263.15 KB / Downloads: 14) I am reporting X_Soul with screenshots for:
• Disrespect 
• Not being ethical

He was saying I was acting like a small kid and swore at me because I was making a fuss over him mining and placing blocks in my underground base.
See the screenshots for detail on the chat.
This happened at about 1:45 PM in GMT+01:00 time.
SouI doesn't swear once in any of those screenshots.
Starting from now, I will give back any NEGATIVE rep given to me.

Quede quod habes, et habes.- Believe you have it, and you do.

TB was here
I havn't seen any swearing in the screenshots. but you could send a report here:

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