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Hello, I'm new here.
Hello I am Panzerhund96 or if you'd like you can call me Hamish which is my IRL name. I'm new to pig craft, I've been playing minecraft since I got the early beta version back in December 2008, Minecraft has changed a lot since I've played last but I found my self play on pigcraft recently has to be the best server I've played on in years great staff and amazing community.

Now less about minecraft and more about me.

As I've already said I am panzerhund96 or Hamish if you'd like, I am 20 years old and very passionate about video games and minecraft is in my top 5 of all time video games with it never ending possibility's. I a very friendly, helpful person. I love to livestream and record video games or tutorials.

That's enough about me.

I'm glad I have joined this great community, I hope to meet all or some of you on the pigcraft server. 
See you on there!
Hamish? That's an interesting name. Can't say I've heard it before.
Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup; best prepared with tenderizing from the banhammer and cooked in the spawn lavajail.

Need admin help? PM me, and I'll get to you when I'm next available. I can fix forum and (most) in-game issues.
Welcome to Pigcraft, thanks for joining! Smile

@NazzyDragon I invited him to the server, he is one of my real life friends. :)

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