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Crazy_Mule Ban Appeal

  • The reason for your ban. Verbal Abuse

  • Who issued the ban (see login message. If the message is missing a name, it was probably NazzyDragon. Damnit, Nazzy!). Missfitt

  • Approx. when your ban occurred. Like 4 Years ago

  • Why your offense should be appealed ("unban pls" and "I <3 pigcraft" are not good reasons). It has been a looooooooong time since I have contacted anyone on the server in any sort of malicious way in the 4 years I have been banned (about 4?). I have made many appeals trying to show to all of you that I have changed. I have made essays pouring out everything I could possibly say to you guys to prove I have changed and I have not given up hope that the community of pigcraft may welcome me back. I can promise you members of the pigcraft community I am a different person than I was many years ago I have matured past wanting to swear or cause others any harm with my words. Things are different I am a new person and I want to join the pigcraft community again I have had 4 years to play on many different minecraft servers and none felt the same or were as fun as pigcraft. I come back once again about a year and four months since my last appeal asking again with as much respect as possible for the staff of pigcraft to show me mercy and welcome me back. I truly am sorry for the harm my words have caused to everyone back then and I swear I will never harass anyone like that ever again.

    There is no way for me to cover everything I need to answer in this appeal so I would like to ask if you would please give me an opportunity to respond to your replies and not close the thread immediately. The reason why I ask this is so I can at least get a chance to really explain myself and because I honestly don't know what to say beyond I no longer am a toxic person but I am aware much more needs to be said.

    any information that you feel may be useful. I am using mrsupafamous' account because I was unable to get the email verification to work.
Denied and closed per
(01-11-2014, 11:12 PM)Shadow Wrote: Hello Mule,

You have asked for an unbiased processing of your appeal, and I am here to give it. I would like to point first and foremost that the staff are rarely biased in appeals. It may seem that way sometimes but this is usually simply because we are all on the same page and understanding in a situation. Now, that little bit aside I'll continue.

To start I'll say I am glad to see that you took the time to follow the template and make good, well written appeal. It is strides beyond those of the past. Reading your appeal actually made me proud in some ways. You speak in a way that shows you have changed and grown a great deal since the time you were banned. You clearly have learned from the past, and it was a lesson worth learning I believe, for it will aid you much more than you probably expect. However you have only learned one of the lessons that I hoped you would take from your previous appeals. The second is a bit more difficult to accept, though just as, if not more, important.

I will tell you the truth of the situation. There is no sugarcoating because if you've grown as much as you say and seem, then you should hear it. Upon the second to last appeal you made, your status here changed. The Staff of PigCraft QC discussed the situation back then and came to a unanimous agreement; you were to never be unbanned under any circumstances. If any Staff member should need proof of such, then they can search for thread when it was covered. In total there are no less than 18 threads that have been created in regards to you (public, appeals, and staff discussions). You griefed, cursed, harassed, used alts (on the forums and server), spammed, and brought a bad attitude to the server and many of its players. For this you were banned. You succeeded in being unbanned from your first appeal, but shortly after were banned again for more trouble. This cycle continued at least four times if not more. Most players get only two chances before they are done for good.

Hard as it is to read, that is your standing here. I believe that you have changed and for that I commend you on becoming a better man. You do have, without any doubt, the right to play games, and speak with your friends whenever you want, using whatever programs you should choose. However you can't use PigCraft as one of these platforms anymore. You must come to understand that as the Staff of this server, we have a duty to uphold the rules and decisions that have been made. We cannot cast aside what has been done as though it no longer exists.

You learned to be a better person and I am happy for you, but you need now note the second side of this. When you break too many promises, and burn too many bridges you can't always go back. The wood turns to ash and the only ones that can help you will no longer be there for you. Take this as a situation you can learn from and remember it as that. You cannot come back. I wish you all the luck in the world, and hope that wherever you go from here, people will see you for who you have become.



I'm just going to drop this here and go cause I think it's still relevant

(but seriously, reading this has really helped me consider my life choices)

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