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So I have explored almost the whole new PigCraft survival map, and had found no jungle in which to get my friend at least (2) cats! I really need help finding one, and i see people have pet cats, but how did they get them? please help me!!   ActiviatedRestone ActiviatedRestone ActiviatedRestone ActiviatedRestone Could you give me the Co-Ords so i can create a waypoint! that woud be awesome
I haven't played in quite a while to test this feature/plugin out, but if you have 10 regular raw fish and crouch and then press Q or right click (I forgot). I think it will spawn a random cat, same goes with 10 bones which spawns a tamed wolf for you.

But maybe this plugin is broken, I'm not so sure.
Yes you can summon a cat with 10 fishes. Althought, I don't think he lasts forever. One way to get more is by breeding 2 summoned cats to get real ones. To your fishing rods guys!
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