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Minecraft 1.10
The server is now running Minecraft 1.10! Here are some things to note from the conversion.
  • OtherDrops has been updated and should be working as expected.
  • Installed SilkSpawners. This has several functions:
    • Spawn Eggs can now be crafted into Spawners via crafting table.
    • The formula for Spawners is a Spawn Egg surrounded by Iron Bars.
    • All of your Spawners can be mined with Silk Touch.
    • This cannot be used to mine Blaze Spawners in the Nether.
  • Afk-kick has been experimentally disabled until further notice.
  • Conversion from PlotMe to PlotSquared failed -
  • PlotMe has been replaced with PlotSquared! Creative functions should be similar but expect bugs.
  • 1.9 clients cannot connect to the server. Only 1.10, 1.10.1, and 1.10.2 may connect.
  • All plugins are up to date. Please report any issues at this link.
Also, EndReset was recently replaced with an addition to our custom plugin, PigcraftCustom. After killing the Ender Dragon, you will be able to traverse to the new islands of The End as normal. However, the End will be completely reset anywhere up to 5 minutes after the last player has left the world. So while unlikely, it is possible that if you die, the End will reset before you can get back. Proceed with caution!
Thanks for the update!
I don't have permissions to craft spawners.
(06-28-2016, 02:13 PM)MajesticWerewolf Wrote: I don't have permissions to craft spawners.

Fixed. Please report future issues in the Report a Bug forum.
Thanks for adding this update! So much more useful now ;3
Love the update happy! Thanks, but, with this new update. Could you extend the world border by 1k blocks or so, so people can get in some new chunks and better building areas.
A few more updates: We have successfully converted the Creative world to use PlotSquared. After numerous attempts, Citizens (NPCs) should now be working in all worlds. Furthermore, HyperConomy has been fixed, so shops in PvP work again! Thanks for your patience.
SO we can never brake the Blazespawners. How will we be able to make a blaze grinder without the spawners?
(12-12-2016, 03:03 AM)Allan Wrote: SO we can never brake the Blazespawners. How will we be able to make a blaze grinder without the spawners?

This is intentional as we have had both griefing and economical issues with Blaze spawners in the past.

In the future, please create your own thread rather than reviving one from 6 months ago. Thanks!

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