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Why I think I should be a part of staff
Hi, I would like to be a part of your staff because I've been playing on pigcraft for a while and when I started I saw that a lot was untouched which is very nice to have your own big place. I usually have a lot of free time to be playing minecraft and help setting up whatever you would need me to do. I'm a great builder and designer , I play minecraft on every platform and I am very experienced.

Sorry, there are multiple things wrong with your application. 

1. It's in the wrong forum. I'll just move it for you though.
2. It doesn't follow the template here.

Please revise your application, and then I'll take another look at it. For now, my answer is no, and I will be closing this thread. However, you're welcome to post another one after you've looked it over a bit more and established yourself with the community. We typically accept people who are more familiar with the server and have more experience with its players.

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