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Hi love the server
Hi and my name is unicorn70067 ( I prefer to keep my real name secret ) .
I started to play on PigCraft a few weeks ago and I loved it!
I play on PigCraft everyday now and never get bored of it [Image:]
I'm currently a member and I would wish to become a staff member.
Thanks for reading this![Image:]
I'm sorry, but this is no where near what a thought out application looks like. Not only is it in the wrong forum, you didnt follow the template at all. I mistook it as an introduction, until you stated, "and I would wish to become a staff member". I appreciate that you like this server, and want to help it, but please revise this if you wish for it to properly be judged. Until then, I am moving it to the proper forum, closing it, and saying -1.

Just a heads up, I suggest you look into familiarizing yourself with the server and its community before posting another application.

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