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A griefer has griefed my brothers build called utopia the used a hopper method to get the chest so all of the valuables are gone. It is at /shop sadeyes1111
Thanks for the help have a nice day.
Says that klubib removed/placed hoppers nearly 1000 hours ago (no, that's not a typo). Have you considered protecting your area with GriefPrevention?
We did but for some reason it stopped protecting I think maybe my brother hadn't been on long enough but I kept going there whenever I go on and I hadn't been able to recently because y pc broke the only reason I found out is my sister let me use her computer otherwise I would have found out sooner
In that case, what would you like done? I can't imagine banning someone for an offense that took place that long ago.
May I have a silk touch pick axe and some diamonds I think that's all that was really valuable that was lost
Sounds reasonable. Catch a staff member while you're online and have them proceed from this thread. Thanks!
Thank you very much your help is highly appreciated

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