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Hello, i have decided to apply for admin because i have had previous expiriance with servers i had my own. I think that i would be sensible for this role because i am mature enough to take it on.

Minecraft username- ToxikWaste



I am availible most of the time around 4pm monday-friday (school)
and weekends im mostly always availible.

Please read the template found here:

And please fix clear spelling mistakes before posting
(05-28-2016, 05:19 PM)ToxikWaste Wrote: expiriance 

'Nuff said. -1

Just kidding. Judging from your application, it's clear that you aren't old/mature enough for this position. You also need to be a moderator before you become an admin, and you're obviously not mature enough for that position either, seeing as this barely followed the template. Please return in the future if you are still interested in this position. Otherwise, thanks for applying. 


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