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Im Not New to the server
Im Not New to the server and even IXpig know's that Yvnotte.
Hi, I'm sorry for the confusion (if you're even talking to me... and I don't even know who IXpig is). I didn't recognize your name, and you haven't made an introduction thread either. I've recently been too busy to log into the server, so this means I've never seen your name before until your application. I know my absence is a contributing factor towards my lacking knowledge about you, meaning it resulted in the decision I made on your application. But please, for future reference, don't make a thread calling me out (again, if this is even directed towards me which it likely is).

This goes out to everyone. If you have an issue with a response on your applications, and it has been closed, please, PLEASE just private message the desired staff with your concern. If you want me or other staff to reconsider your application or re-open it, feel free to private message me and the other staff members, and it'll be discussed there.

Otherwise, this is /closed. Thank you.

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