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Application By HellcatPlayzMC
i am 14 years old but i don't want to work for money
I know some plugins and ho they work
I can Tell people rules by my memory.
My name irl is Ace
my ign is :HellcatPlayzMC i am Elite rank also
i would like to apply for builder or moderator i want to help your server by its updates i will mute spammers ban hackers and donate to your server. 10 dollars a week i will help people with problems and help you.
Sorry, I know you've just joined the server, but it doesn't look like you've followed the template here too closely. We're not in a dire need for staff at the moment, and your application is lacking in a lot of detail and information. 

I'm afraid I'll have to close this thread, but you're welcome to apply again once you've reviewed your application. I think establishing yourself with the server and getting to know everyone would be a good action to take at the moment. 


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