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An Apology, and Explanation
Hello Pigcraft, it's been a while.

I could go on for paragraph upon paragraph about how I hold this server in a special little part of my heart, but I'd like to keep this to the point. I was banned by NazzyDragon, specifically for "exploiting permissions issue". I do not deny this, and I hold myself fully responsible for A) not reporting the issue in question upon discovering it several months ago, and B) using many staff-only abilities, such as /tp, /set time, as well as fiddling with a few WorldEdit shenanigans (all of which were promptly undone).

I wholly apologize for my wrongdoing. But alas, I would at least hope to have my explanation be known.

I have not been a frequent visitor of Pigcraft for quite some time now. However, when I do occasionally stop by, it's only to revisit my old home and see who's online, among other nostalgic endeavors. One of my simple pleasures has always been to gleefully fly across the world, observing what people have built; often, I see what used to be homes, long since abandoned by the many who came and went through what I remember calling a home of my own. Back then there would be dozens of people online at all times, some new, many old. That was a time that I think we all remember fondly.

Since then my occasional visits, becoming less and less common, could only be categorized as lonesome, to say the least; at times I would see one or two other users online, others I'd be completely alone in the world. I didn't mind it at all, though—I appreciate the peace of solitude.

Then came the invitation from an old friend, who had discovered something interesting: an issue with permissions, allowing anyone and everyone to use the /promote and /demote commands. We thought this was silly, and considering there was no one else around, we thought nothing of it and officially declared the server dead, regrettably.

Two days ago I decided to stop by once again. I had entirely forgotten about my newfound Admin status, and when I noticed it, I figured it was for the best; in all my time on Pigcraft, all I'd ever wanted was to help others. I remember requesting a promotion to Moderator so that whenever someone asked "can someone protect my region for me?" I wouldn't have to say, Ask a moderator, they'd be glad to help. I'd always wanted to instead say, I'd be glad to help.

Someone else was there, a player I'd never seen before and was still only a Guest. I spent some time helping them build something in their Creative plot, and thought it would be fun to show them some cool things with WorldEdit, planning on undoing it immediately after in order to maintain the integrity of their build. As it turns out, WorldEdit doesn't work in Creative, so I decided to mess around with it in Survival (once again, planning on undoing everything). To no one's surprise I'm sure, I wanted to make cakes. Lots of them. So I made some cakes outside of spawn, then made more cakes, then deleted the cakes.

After that, I thought it would be funny for any staff who happened to pass by if they found a cake-y surprise in the spawn. So I replaced the floor with cakes. At first, I had replaced too much: some signs had been destroyed in the process, but I quickly fixed them.

Another player came online who went by the name WizardPulse. I was friendly with him, but he was extremely skeptical of me. He said, "I can tell that's not a registered Minecraft username." I explained to him that "Cayke" was a nickname, which was given to me long ago. He then asked me if I was really part of staff, to which I explained that I am actually a VIP who was promoted by a friend who discovered an issue with permissions some time ago.

Though it may be useless to be telling you of this conversation as I'm sure Nazzy has access to chat logs, I would still like to make a point of saying that in no way was I intentionally impersonating a staff member, nor was hiding my true status. WizardPulse did not seem to appreciate my "destruction" of spawn, as he'd say, so I undid it. He/she was also extremely adamant about calling me a "fake mod" and reporting me for "destroying spawn", though no real damage had been done. In fact, in order to appease him/her, I even tried using /demote on myself to return to VIP. Though when I got to Moderator, I had lost the permission to use /demote, and was essentially stuck as a Moderator.

In no way has anything that I've done while under the permissions of an Admin caused any harm to the server or the world. For this reason, I did not think I would be banned for anything. Yet here I am.

So in my full confession of guilt, I bid that you have mercy upon me. My intentions were far from nefarious, and I have certainly learned my lesson. I quite liked being VIP, though I'd understand if I were no longer worthy of that emblem.

I could only wish to be understood for what I've always hoped for, which is to help any, though few, who may still decide to build their home in a place as great as Pigcraft. And yes, though it isn't as booming as it once was, I still believe that Pigcraft is the greatest Minecraft server I'll ever have the privilege of calling home.
Honestly, the fact that you even came back after what you've done, and how the server has changed over the years, gives me all the reason to say yes. We've all made mistakes. Even though we haven't talked in quite some time, it lit up my eyes seeing your name cross paths with these forums once again. Looking at your application, I can tell you're sincere. From my experience, you're a mature individual that is an amazing friend. You were also a great inspiration to me when I first joined, and I might not be in the position I am today if not for you <3

But hey, I still need to hear Nazzy's side on this. So even though I vote for you to be unbanned, I believe that Nazzy has the final decision for your fate.

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The ban was put in place (permanently) until you came around to appeal it, because of the issue at hand. I'd also like to know about this "friend'. It's merely just to ensure nothing else happened, as I have dealt with several STAFF in the past that have gone a bit... berserk.

I know you've been around a long time. I don't actually have access to chat logs, but I did see an extensive album of screen shots by a player documenting the stuff you've said about the matter. So there's that.. pretty much the same result.

People take bans too seriously. Regardless of who you are; think of it this way..
  • Player A tells player B that they figured out how to break the rules in a very large MMO. It won't hurt anyone, and they've been playing for 10 years since launch! Certainly they'll be fine?
  • Player B agrees and does it anyways. No real harm is done, but rules are rules, yes? Regardless of player base size.
It's protocol, standard procedure. I'll remove the ban in a few days.. and I'd like a comprehensive report on the exploit at hand sent to HappyPikachu and I before I do so.

Nothing personal. You are no less appreciated. Understand the repercussions behind breaking rules, and move forward.

Now I need sleep.

Edit: P.S. If you really had broken the rules beyond a staff appeal, you'd be forum banned too. Think of it that way.
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