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Forums Downtime
Hi people Wave,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and that the forums were not missed too much!

Sorry about the forums downtime; I needed a server to temporarily move a work project and unfortunately I had to change PHP version for this to work and it took me a couple weeks to realize I had broken the forums. At that time I had to keep the other project running unfortunately there was no way of going back and I had to keep it running. But not to worry, the forums are now back permanently.

Thank you for your patience!
Oh, I thought it was just my computer being as bad as it usually is. Finally it's not my fault !
I was wondering if these would ever come back. o.O
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Since this is my homescreen, I'd always just open a blank page, but I'm glad that they're back now!

but seriously I thought it was my fault

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TB was here
I was afraid the forums had been shut down without a notice.
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yay we're alive


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