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House got griefed
  • What happened:
    My house got griefed. Most of the grief is in the storage room (lowest floor down the ladder).

  • Persons involved (use in-game names):
    I don't know, there is a random sign in the griefed area.

  • Approx. when it occurred (include time zone).
    I saw it today, I got a message a few days ago I got a message by minecrafter when on minechat, to tell me about the grief.

  • World/location of incident.
    New Pigland > My '/home main' > Down the trapdoor/ladder > My storage room.

  • Any information that you feel may be useful
    Please ban the griefer. I removed everyone from my claim after I saw the grief.
been a week and no replies
I am fixing my house

The reason for the lack of response is because Staff was discussing the griefing situation in the Staff forums. The issue has been resolved and we now have the capability once again to handle situations like yours.

If you would like resources to compensate for those that you lost, or additional help in repairing any griefed structures, please send me /mail in-game and I would be more than happy to provide either or both.

CATSOF =^..^=
TB was here <3

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