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VIP Application
Minecraft Username: MajesticWerewolf

Here is the information and requirements:

> No more than two VIP ranks have been awarded in the past month:
No VIP ranks have been awarded in the past month.

> Are mature and will keep foul language to a minimum:
I am mature on the server and forums, I am 16 years old. I do not like griefing. I be mature by being friendly on the server, reporting griefers, and helping players on the server. I never use foul language.

> Has played on the Pigcraft QC server for at least 60 days:
I played on Pigcraft for 3 years (started in 2013). I started playing when the old survival world (1.7) was the main world. It was the first minecraft server I joined.

> Has a fully-registered forum account:
I have a registered and activated forum account. I am a donor.

> Has contributed to server via community builds or artwork:
I have built CatzTown (one in old main, one in main world), a mob grinder (natural and spawner). In the best horse racetrack contest; I was making a racetrack, but I didn't submit it.

> Can demonstrate interest in assisting players and the server:
I help players such as minecrafter13003 and GonFreccs, I have helped minecrafter13003 with the gold farm by putting an item sorter in it. I have a mob grinder with natural spawning and mob spawners of zombies, skeletons, and spiders; anyone can use my grinder. I helped klubib and devojha fix the grief at a house. I also donated $10 to the server, and I have the donor rank.

> Capable of logging into the server on a semi-weekly basis:
I am active on the server and forums. I like to join the server every day. Pigcraft is the main server I join. My time zone is GMT 0 (london).

Thank you for taking your time reading my VIP application.
Although you have become more active, I still feel you still need to work on the maturity. Also, the build needs to be on a decently large scale ie. a spawn or a large useful building. Although you have a town which is nice and all some of the work is done by others and I would rather see what YOU yourself can build. When you say " I haven't griefed for a long time" that is a bit off-putting
Going to have to say -1 for now
(05-14-2015, 07:16 AM)KittyCatMuffins Wrote: > No more than two (2) VIP ranks have been awarded in the past month:
I never got a VIP rank on the Pigcraft Server.
Just a note: This doesn't mean if you have been awarded VIP in the past month but if any player in total has been.

@Demon: Catz can sometimes act simple-minded, but this doesn't make him immature. He's very respectful and we've never had issues with him.

Notes aside, I think you deserves to be a VIP. You're a friendly and helpful player and you're quite active. However, I agree with Demon that you need more community builds. I don't consider grinders, shops, farms or such as artworks. Maybe you could build a castle or anything you'd like? Preferrably in New Pigland (Survival). Then, you'll definitely have my vote!
Medieval [Image:]
Keep your head up.
TB was here
@TheSamluc - I edited the thread
I've seen Cat being rather helpful with players & being very polite every time I've been on. Zero issues with him. Yes, he's still young, but he's being pretty awesome, honestly.

I'll say yes, but I expect this behavior to continue if he does get VIP :p
Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup; best prepared with tenderizing from the banhammer and cooked in the spawn lavajail.

Need admin help? PM me, and I'll get to you when I'm next available. I can fix forum and (most) in-game issues.
I've seen him over the past 2 months improve his maturity, and now he is helpful to players, but Catz you can still be a slight nuissance to players from what I've seen, but I have not been online that much in the past 2 months. Since Naz and Sam say you have been I'll believe them on this point. But Catz I also don't see your towns as community builds, which is one strong qualifier towards becoming a VIP. You have to do something for the server to be a very important person to it. This is my stance on the topic.

-1 For now, build a cool castle or something as Sam suggested, and then you will probably have my +1.

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