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[Closed] Riptide_surfer
Edit: This post has been requested to be closed by KittyCatMuffins (5/12/15, Reason: Area unclaimed / faction disbanded)

Riptide_surfer claimed a faction over my house, it is really annoying.

He is telling me to join the faction (dagrun) and i wanted to stay in my faction (cutepvpers); he invited me to the faction, then I spammed '/f join dagrun' to be able to build, and got temp-banned (temporary denied from server) for spamming commands. D: I also can't build when in the faction.

Location: New Pigland / Survival (at my '/home main')

It happened approximately at 6:50pm GMT

Is this within the main world, or the temp PvP?
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If it's in temp PvP, you're out of luck as there's no rule against that. Besides, the PvP world regenerates every 30 days (so it's not designed for you to have a permanent house there).
It is in main world, at '/home main'. I did '/untrust Riptide_Surfer'.

The claimed areas around my house include; in and around alexthebullet's house, underground near my tree farm and iron farm telepad, and some of my storage room (can't open chests).

@HappyPikachu - do inventorys/factions reset in PvP every 30 days, or just the world?

To fix this, the dagrun faction needs to be disbanded.
nevermind, he disbanded his faction and unclaimed the area.

Idk if we'll need to remove claims in survival worlds. Otherwise.. 
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