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Hi all

There is a hacker and a griefer on pigcraft now,
He has taken all of our chests and the ones that are left over nothing is in there.
I have taken screenshots of where our chest were in our storage room.
[Image: file:///C:/Users/Mark/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/screenshots/2015-05-09_16.15.31.png][Image: file:///C:/Users/Mark/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/screenshots/2015-05-09_16.15.31.png][Image:]
Theswordsman10 was seen as leaving the house after the grief had happened, but there was no evidence that he had griefed anything.

I looked into it, and the owner of the claim states that theswordsman10 was never a member of the claim, and he also wasn't a membr of the claim whne I logged in. With the removal of hawkeye I am unable to ascertain or restore the house from its griefed state.
@Devojha Make sure the griefed areas are actually claimed. If not, restore the items and expand the claim.

But, if the area is claimed, we'll need more information such as the time the grief occurred (I'm guessing around 11:00 AM?).
The area was claimed by klubib, and theswordsman10 was never a part of the claim.
Checking the logs, theswordsman10 consistently denied griefing anything in a conversation with klubib and there is no record of him having logged in before 11:06 AM. So the grief occurred the day before, there is no evidence that theswordsman10 is the culprit.

Really need williamb07 to chime in on this.

theswordsman10 Wrote:[11:50:16] [Async Chat Thread - #35/INFO]: [Guest] theswordsman10: it says i dont have klubibs premission to build here when i try to break glass pane

It's far more likely that someone with permission broke the blocks.

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