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Pigcraft Update Log
The first official update in a long time!

Whats new in the past couple of months!
  • Ichat is gone, but a new replacement has been recreated in Pigcraft Custom! Now you can talk in Colors again!
  • Fixed the glitch where you couldn't use color codes in chat!
  • Two new admin commands :3
  • Installed plug-man! We can now update most plugins without restarting the servor!
  • Warp Market admin shops! Buy whatever you need straight from spawn for a hefty sum!
  • We have ParticleHats! Do /hats and stroll around with a Cool Sparkle!
  • Switched Permission plugins from PEX to Zperms.
  • Do /warp freeanimals, and enjoy some freeanimals!
  • Now our lottery has gotten even pricier! $40 -> $50
  • The new world has officially been named New Pigland!
  • Name Changing is now fully supported!
  • Disco Sheeps have come back from the grave! Purchase your very own party with /ds !
  • /find now shows world names in color!
  • Staff can fix Region Flags in New Pigland again!
  • The issues with disapearing armor stands are fixed, they are now safe to use!
  • Temp PvP is back and you can make factions for it! go to /warp pvp  to start fighting!
  • Voting Streaks are now implemented! Get better rewards for voting multiple days in a row!
  • New, highly-experimental in progress TF2 plugin for VIP+ to test, accessible at /mvtp TF2.
  • Forum login fields (Username & Password) now clear on-click for most browsers, so you don't have to delete the text.
  • Began switching to GriefPrevention for New Pigland. We are transitioning away from WorldGuard for the new world.
  • Shortened "Welcome Back to Pigcraft!" login message for smaller aspect ratios.
  • OtherDrops has returned! Please report any issues in Help & Support.
  • New /vote command. Click the link and vote today!
  • Quests has been removed until further notice.
thanks for the updates! :3

edit: temp pvp is back, there are 3 factions and we are not allowed to make factions
(05-05-2015, 05:38 PM)KittyCatMuffins Wrote: edit: temp pvp is back, there are 3 factions and we are not allowed to make factions

Thanks, that should be fixed.
Amazing work on the update guy's. I'm looking forward to getting back into Pigcraft with the 3 weeks I have off from University.
It says on factions category description 'Join one of three factions in PvP!'

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