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VIP Application :D
Hey, my name is Lucas and i'm 14 years old.
I really want to help out on this server, I love helping peope and it would be great if you could let me be of assist on this server Diamond
Have a great day ;D
Best name ever. 10/10

However, that doesn't justify you lack a lot of activity on both forums and server. You should become a member first and get acquainted with most of our kind and lovely players. You can already start helping people and assist the community without VIP, since it doesn't grant much that can help others.
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Keep your head up.
TB was here
DJPlayzz, Djurg playing 2015 confirmed
Sam is entirely right, become a membe first! That will give you a lot more permissions. VIP doesn't really give you anything that will better help you help others. VIP is more of a mark of respect for people who have contributed alot.
I agree with Sam and Dev. As dev said, ''become a membe!''
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