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New Survival World Available Feb 1st
Honestly, I think disabling shared inventory would be ideal. It just wouldn't be the same ''starting over'' with all your diamond gear, etc. There would be no point in starting out with stone tools and such.
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Do we keep our McMMO skill levels or will they be wiped out? I do not care either way.
I assume that as per usual MCMMO stats will stay. I don't see any reason that it would get reset, but I guess anything could happen.
I would prefer a cleared inventory too, it's just not a fresh start with all my stuff accessible.

We have already decided that inventories will be shared, just not for how long. If you want to start over, just leave your stuff in Pigtopia.

There are no plans to reset mcMMO levels afaik, but it's not out of the question.
The new survival world will open at approximately 1:30 PM EST on Sunday.

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