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New Survival World Available Feb 1st
A shiny new survival world will be available on February 1st! As mentioned in a previous announcement, the current survival world, Pigtopia, will still be available at /warp old once the new map is released. However, inventories will be shared between the two worlds, meaning you can bring all your Rotten Flesh and String over to the new world (and the other way around)!

What will you build in this new world? Maybe a castle on the beach? A fortress just for your pets? How about that dirt house you always wanted? I like that one.

February 1st will also see the disabling of mobs and hunger in Pigtopia. The Nether will also be regenerated and will link to this new world instead of Pigtopia (all existing portals will cease to function). The exact time of day that the new world will be open is undecided, so stay tuned!
I'm looking foward to a new start to Pigcraft survival! Oh, I'm gonna build the sweetest dirthouse..
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Perhaps with the start of a new world, I too will start anew. I have a few ideas, though it will take ages to find the perfect place to build.

I may actually build a house, as I have yet to do so.

Or maybe not. It's too long of a running joke.
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I've lived in a cave for over two years... I would not like to continue that tradition.

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TB was here
"The exact time that the new world will be open is undecided, so stay tuned!"

Confused. Is it February 1st or Unknown?
Meaning time of day
will shared inventory be permanent
(01-29-2015, 09:19 AM)KittyCatMuffins Wrote: will shared inventory be permanent

We are unsure at this time.

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