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League LCS Fantasy Draft
So, as Season 5 is right around the corner, I thought that all of us still here and who play league wouldn't mind proving their dominance in the more fictitious fantasy league of League of Legends

So here is a link to the PigCraft Official Fantasy Draft for League of Legends:

If it doesn't work let me know, because it may be something on rito's side if it doesn't work.

There are 7 more slots as of right now, first come, first serve, yada yada yada. You can read how to draft on their website, as well as all the other rules.

Last thing, and this should go without saying, but you need to have a league of legends profile to actually participate. Who knows, I might actually throw in some PC prizes for winners a week. I dunno. I'm a very lazy person
Sweet, I'm in!

I may also throw in some prizes depending on who shows up and what not

PLEASE NOTE: Only sign-up for the league if you are willing to put effort into your draft and weekly matchups. When I did fantasy football people became uninterested and decided to not care about their wins creating a "free win" situation and it got messy.... so please put effort into your fantasy season
This is the game that's been sucking up all my time >_> btw I suck at it anyways

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Update: Here is the link to the new League. I lowered the number of players from 8 to 6

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