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Ban Appeal
The reason for your ban.
Xray Mining

Who issued the ban
I believe it was moh1254, i could be wrong. (it now says banned by an operator)

Approx. when your ban occurred. 
about 3 years ago i believe.

Why your offense should be appealed 
it should be appealed because it was quite some time ago and i would like to get back on and see the changes that have happened since.

Any information that you feel may be useful.
No other information to add? It's a bit short, and doesn't really say how you've improved over time.. I might think about it if you've actually learned a lesson.
Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup; best prepared with tenderizing from the banhammer and cooked in the spawn lavajail.

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Especially for an X-Ray ban, where it is usually something that doesn't get overturned that often, you need to explain why you deserve to be unbanned, how you have changed, etc.
Also: Why did you come back to Pigcraft after 3 years gone? It is fascinating to me to see players come back after such a long time.
CATSOF =^..^=
TB was here <3

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