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Submissions: Spawn Area (Contest)
Greetings, builders! Assuming you've made an entry for the Spawn Area contest in Creative, you may submit it below. Make sure to follow this template:

Minecraft Username: ...
Title of Work: ...
Why I Should Win (Optional): ...

You must also include at least 1 screenshot of your artwork, no more than 5. Again, you must include a pic of your art!!

Requirements: All entries must include a jail and Donor Hall (or similar area with signs for player names).

The prize for this contest is a Steam game of the winners choice (maximum value $40). Winning will not affect chances of being featured in the upcoming survival map.

Entries close 01/20/2014. Judging will begin the following day.

Good luck!
Uhm, when is creative coming back up so we can start on this contest?
Can it be on multiple plots?

Cause isn't 99x99 is really small for a spawn area?

one reason why i wish we had bigger plots
Click if you want. Just random stuff anyways.
Yes i like peridot -w-
Samlucas was here
Oh hey Lucas!~Kate
Hai c:
I may have forgot that Creative was down... PlotMe will be updated in 3 days (according to the developer), so it'll be then. However, because of this I've extended the deadline from 01/06 to 01/13.

Also the plot size is perfect for what we're looking for! :)
If I find time, I'll probably submit something.
''Me fail english? That's unpossible!'' -Ralph Wiggum
Does it have to be made on the server block by block or can I make it on my pc using mcedit?

(12-27-2014, 02:51 PM)mrdbzdude Wrote: Does it have to be made on the server block by block or can I make it on my pc using mcedit?

That's fine, but your entry must be no larger than 98x98 and can only use blocks/items available from the Creative menu.
how do i import mcedit worlds onto the server
Not worlds. You get World Edit, and save the area as a schematic, and then submit that schematic along with pictures of the build.

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