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Out With The Old, In With The New!
RIP old main ;-;
''Me fail english? That's unpossible!'' -Ralph Wiggum
we can download it
what about old main warps?

weather should also be disabled permanently in pigtopia, it stops lag, and donors can still do weather with '/donor weather rain'.
how do i convert eggs to spawners
We recreated Super Simple spawners in pigcraft custom, and I just logged in and its working fine. Not sure what issue your having.

Please use the make a suggestion part of the forums to suggest rain being turned off.

Old Main Warps are gone since the Old Main world is gone.
Weather is already disabled in Pigtopia.
(12-27-2014, 10:22 PM)HappyPikachu Wrote: Weather is already disabled in Pigtopia.
Medieval [Image:]
Keep your head up.
TB was here
i turn off the weather sounds
Well now there's no need to :D

yay 4 lazy

(12-20-2014, 12:40 PM)HappyPikachu Wrote: Last I checked, we hadn't decided yet. Please use the staff forum for such discussion.

First, thanks for all the hard work! I appreciate it. Today I realized mobs had been disabled. I am wondering as to why. I am not finished with my really big base and it makes the whole place feel lonley without the mobs. I have spent so many hours working on the base and I am not ready to pack up and move shop until the whole thing is done, which will take some time. It also means I cannot level up very easily. I also need things like mob drops to build sticky pistons, but there are no mobs :(.

Is there anyway my base can be moved into the new world? could mobs be enable in my region? Its really dishearting to think that I will never really finish up the project I have been doing for 2 years.


Also a lot of the cool warps I used to visit like the strongholds, and the haunted house have no more point. :( I really want mobs in my base

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