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Out With The Old, In With The New!
With the server now on Minecraft 1.8, many of us have been taking advantage of the updates' new features! Back in the days of old, most of us could not have foreseen that underwater monuments would be ours to explore! And I mean back when the server first opened in March of 2011. Has it really been that long?

So much has changed since then. We've seen several iterations of PvP and the Nether, a conversion to a plugin-operated Creative world, as well Survival Games and Skyblock worlds! But one thing that never changed all these years was our first world, Old Main! With it's illustrious Glowstone pyramid (now Glass!) and it's early-Minecraft charms, it was once the heart of Pigcraft.

It is with great pride that I announce that Old Main is available for download! Enjoy reliving the "Beta" days on your own terms. Maybe you'll re-enable mobs? Or perhaps you'll just set everything on fire. The choice is yours!

Of course, this does come with changes. Old Main is no longer be accessible on Pigcraft's server. Additionally, Pigtopia will soon be taking Old Main's place. This means that Pigtopia will become the "new" Old Main. For now, weather has been disabled. Here's a list of changes that will occur during/after the transition:
  • New survival world will be added. Inventories will be shared with Pigtopia!
  • Mobs/hunger will be disabled in Pigtopia. NaturalHorses will be removed.
  • ChestShop will be removed. HyperConomy will be used for chest shops.
  • SuperSimpleSpawners will be removed. You will be able to convert eggs to spawners.
  • The Nether will be regenerated. This is actually long overdue.
This list will be updated as we iron out the details. Finally, there is a Creative contest for a new survival spawn which may be used in the new survival map. The prize is a Steam game of your choice! See contest page for details.

Happy Holidays from Pigcraft QC!
thank god inventories will be shared.
Click if you want. Just random stuff anyways.
Yes i like peridot -w-
Samlucas was here
Oh hey Lucas!~Kate
Hai c:
As for the new world,
(12-19-2014, 01:17 AM)coolkate1 Wrote: thank god inventories will be shared.

Can't wait to try it out!
Medieval [Image:]
Keep your head up.
TB was here
why wouldn't we reset the economy?

by economy I mean inventories.

It helps new players get on the same level as long-time members, but still preserving our riches in another world.

Just wondering...

We don't wish to force players to start over at this time. Also, survival isn't competitive.
Just to clarify, will this be a permanent inventory linkage, or only temporary(like 1 month)
Last I checked, we hadn't decided yet. Please use the staff forum for such discussion.
i cant get to the new spawn
There is no new spawn (yet). Feel free to enter our Creative contest to build one!

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