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Building a Community
Ehh. Most new players will not be seriously PVP-oriented so warhub is only incentive for older players. Also, there are only three real factions for a player to join. No others can be made, and people can't play with their friends in factions.

I will think a bit more about the issues in general over the next few days.. I think we can work through this as a community.
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I think we need a new angle. This server is pretty old, and it definitely still has the style of an old Minecraft server. When you look at the very popular servers, a lot of them are minigame based. Is this the way people play Minecraft now? For the minigames? I don't know for sure, but I think we need to expand our horizons a bit, and make the adjustment towards becoming a "newer" style of server. This doesn't have to mean turning into some cheap minigame server, but I think revamping some aspects (such as a new survival world, especially since a lot of new players have nowhere to build) and maybe coming up with a unique gamemode within the server?

Just some suggestions.
A lot of people(including me) have run out of ideas for minecraft and just aren't playing it anymore.

And the reason lots of the servers we know are minigame servers is because they rake in money from 9 year-olds and are able to advertise all over. I wouldn't want this place to turn into that.

Not to mention the countless spam there would be. You wouldn't be able to have a conversation when there is 10 other people spamming useless things.
Click if you want. Just random stuff anyways.
Yes i like peridot -w-
Samlucas was here
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Hai c:
i just posted a thread with an idea for this bc i didnt really know where to put it but i guess i could of put it here check it out tho
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Old Thread

This is definitely somewhat of an old thread, but if anyone here feels a reason to re-open it, PM me!
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