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Building a Community
Good Day everyone!

Ok so now that we have laid out the ideas to get PvP back on track, lets talk about our other issue. We obviously are struggling in terms of players and player retention.

The first thing we (the staff) are focusing on here is getting our system back in working order. It seems that at some point our registration process stopped working as intended. We are aware of this fact and are working to get it fixed for good.

The second thing we are doing is that all of our staff are coming together and actively trying to make the player experience for both our new and old players better. By this I mean, we engage in conversations more, welcome people when they join, help people out when they first start off, and just be really friendly and awesome. We can't say "welcome!" and then ignore new people anymore.

With this we encourage our current players to do the same and be more inviting and friendly with new comers to the server. We will lead through example here, but we could sure use your help!

I'm sure there are other things we can do to help make the server an exciting place for new people, such as events and contest, but primarily we need to just be more friendly. In the last few days we have already started to see a bit of a change, but we have a ways to go still.

As far as events, and contest what kind of things would you like to see. I've heard a suggestion regarding the upcoming winter holidays, but what else? Do you like PvP events? Spleef? Building Contest? Racing? Post some suggestions of things that you'd like to see on the server!
Dev and I are working on some minigames. That's all I have to contribute, for now.
Prison is always a nice thing to do. Well, the one where you mine for money then buy ranks.
Click if you want. Just random stuff anyways.
Yes i like peridot -w-
Samlucas was here
Oh hey Lucas!~Kate
Hai c:
I promise the spells war arena will be out before christmas. Im aiming for a release on the 15th.
I think minigames just for fun in hub would be nice. (Not something we advertise about, just some fun ol' redstone) Maybe with some vanity item rewards.
To be honest, as a player that has been here for 3 1/2 years, everything just seems repetitive and there isn't much to do outside of PvP. I think we all need a completely new experience some how but I'm not exactly sure how to do it. Survival Games was a great add onto the server and then we kinda just abandoned it. Whatever we decide to do we need to keep it alive by centering more events around it. Just putting something up and not advertising it in some way or just leaving it off to the side is going to lead it to just sit there and die off. These are just my personal opinions.
Aye. I agree with Demon, although I'm finding it hard to add valid arguments at the moment, since I'm trying to watch The Simpsons, do homework, write this, check facebook... I've said it about a hundred times already, but if you (the staff team and co.) ever need help with especially building, write me a pm. I hope I'm not the only one with this attitude, being as helpful as possible can only assist a community.
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Yeah I completely agree with demon on this one, and if you need any examples just take a look at spleef and how that lasted a whole 5 minutes.  

On board with demon's ideas too. Not radicalizing anything won't result in radical change.
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Why not do this with war? More maps, with more non-normal classes I think would be pretty fun!

If warhub has an API we could even make a few in-arena lootable chests!
Too many maps = too few players trying to play lots of maps. :C
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