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Contests, events, and other thought by me
My head is currently overflowing with thoughts and whatnot, so I'd like to try and pour some of those thoughts out right here.

First of all, pigcraft's community is smaller than ever, so why would there even be a reason for such as contests, events, yada yada. You get the point. I as a pigcrafter usually have, well, not much to do. Sure, PVP is out, although the bases are built, no one are battling nor online, people have better things to do. Skyblock is dead, survival, old main. The only worlds I use are creative and PVP. And I just fly 'round and wonder what to do in creative these days. Prepare for a long read, people, 'cause I've got plenty of things to write about.

When was the last time a contest was hosted here? And did any of those contests actually turn into anything? Nah, they just got forgotten and bypassed. Boring subjects? No. Then what? Lazy community? Uninterested? Unpopulated? Are the new players too lazy to try and start conversations, and participate? Well, both yes and no. It's hard for new players to socialize and make friends when no one is around to speak with. I'm not saying you guys are bad for not sticking around, I can't blame you. I myself aren't very active either, but c'mon. I've been here for three years now, I usually don't do stuff for that long. Most, if not almost all of the 'active' or fairly active members are either long term members or brand new. And the brand new ones usually leave within 3 minutes. Why? Is the lobby not interesting? Honestly, I don't know. I have no idea what kids these days are looking for in a Minecraft server. Minigames, games, gigagames, more games? A lot of those typical servers with 1000+ players on are like that. No community, no communication, nothing. Just a lot of people playing little games within a game. I see I've been derailed on the tracks of ontopic. I'll get back to it then.

As you hopefully know, Christmas(x-mas, hannukah, so on) is up pretty soon, so what do we do about it? Nothing happened when Halloween occured, so I suggest we do something very nice of Christmas this year. More! More than last year, more than ever! Let's pimp the bum out of spawn, add snow everywhere, giant snowmen, christmastrees, presents for everyone, so on. I'm not gonna suggest everything here, that'd seem unproffesional. I'd suggest a pollthread/suggestionthread would be fitting for that. But we should definetily do something for christmas. A contest would get me building in no time. Sure, it craves creativity from the staffs side, finding an inspiring subject can be difficult. You think: is a contest worth it? Not many people are as eager to build as you are, Chris, you crazy troll-smelling dane! Well, no. I am more interested in building than others, I've spent hours and hours building and nothing else. But, it doesn't matter. If a lot of people participate, it gets exciting eventually. A lot of previous contests started out exciting because a dozen of people were building. Eventually no one submitted their build, because it had gotten too far out, and 'not fun' to finish. Which is why a smaller/lesser build would be fitting for a contest. Not just one thing to build, plenty! A shack, a special lamp design, a fort, whatnot.

So please, consider this. I want this server to get back on its feet, because hell, there aren't many servers out there better than this one. Even though it's small and not very active, no other server has a more functioning community.
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+1 for holiday decorations. Some community events would be nice as well. Many of us are going on winter break and have plenty of time to relax and play some Minecraft, so why not make it interesting?

What are some things people want to see for the holidays? Contests? PvP events? Parties? Other things?
CATSOF =^..^=
TB was here <3
I'd love to see the server change decor for holidays/seasons.

Ok look, if we are decorating spawn for christmas, then we are going all out. I'm talking snow, trees, giant floating ornaments, presents, gift exchanges, reindeer and a sleigh. Like FULL ON. We can do ribbons, and holiday fireworks and more.

First thought; I'd love to help with fireworks.

Second thought: Yeah, it really irks me that a server with amazing staff, builds and good players (albeit not active or plentiful) is losing ground to servers filled with eight-year-olds literally playing games within a game. I think it would be a shame to see the server go to dust for how long it's been around, and how much time and attention people have devoted to it.

Someone should do some research, legitimate research, into what makes these big-box servers so popular. Because I would be very, very disappointed to see all of the staff and player's dedication go down the drain and all our close-knit, loving community disappear to never speak with one another again.

So maybe we should put some time into re-vitalizing the server's 'player economy', so to speak. I think a good compromise over style and practicality would be to increase our playerbase through yet unknown means, but also have incentives for people to join that are more user-friendly and player-oriented. We see the massive community builds and actual mental support of past players as good examples.

Maybe we should take it a step further and actually say, let's lead pigcraft into a new period of re-growth. We were once a great server. I remember the day I purchased donor rank to guarantee me a a spot on the usually full-to-the-brim server. Nowadays we are lucky to have 1/5 of our player capacity on.

I don't exactly know where to start on this very wide and vague issue of competitiveness for the server as a whole. If we think rationally, our main goal should to ensure that the server is enjoyable and popular for many years to come, for the sake of all of our community.

So if I don't know, then who might, you ask? I consider myself an average person. But all the talent we see around the server, including the hard work of us average-intelligence people, can and hopefully will add up to something meaningful for the future of the server, its survival, its playerbase and overall, its enjoyability and community.

Thank you.
Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.

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What makes those servers so popular? They're full of dumb minigames that pre-occupy new players for a bit until the cool wears off. They use bot-votes to get their way to the top of the server lists, and people keep coming in cause there's tons of players online.

Players don't stay when they don't see a lot of other players, no matter how good the server is. It's a matter of mentality. This playerbase's mentality is.. poor.

It's all in the shitty advertising. You'll notice they're first "new update" even though they'll run like us.. (1.8 protocol, runs actually 1.7) -- and they advertise 1.8.
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All in all, whether or not the other servers have popularity or not, we need to be sustainable in our running of the server.

I notice frequently that most people don't actually vote, because they see no tangible reward as most players are materialistically wealthy. I haven't voted recently. I am part of he problem. We all are. If everyone voted daily we'd almost surely have a player count uptick. Minecraft isn't growing less popular daily, in it grows daily. A minecraft movie is planned for release. The problem is us.

Someone long ago brought up the point that most of the sought-after new joiners are mostly immature and undesirable. But all joiners are, near the start. All the players on now that are valued community and staff joined as noobs and acclimatized to the server environment.

If we are more welcoming and friendly to our new members,they might stay long enough to become valued players, just like the ones now. When I was new I was invited into people's homes to stay a while! Now players receive a welcome, a kick in the pants and they're off for themselves.

We really need to adress the issue, logically and with concrete actions. We need to cultivate a new generation of players and community, just as good as the ones in ye olden days. Otherwise the server is dead. We need to start identifying issues and fixing them, formally, so we have community for years to come.
Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.

-Jules Verne

I was planning on posting a thread just like this right before I left but didnt get the time so great job chris!

For PvP events, I will try to get the mystogan map live with spells by December 15th, so that should be fun for the holidays. I am not sure how warhub is going recently now though.

For Christmas, We should go full out EVERYWHERE.
Pvp too.

We can get a whole christmas market for pvp! Maybe in each dungeon we have a chest that rewards a christmas token, and you spend the tokens to get limited edition christmas items!

As for minigames, why not just have a few minigames on pigcraft? We could even put them in hub. They could be redstone based or plugin based, and not necessarily for a reward. Just like SG was.
Aye, I'll gladly volunteer to help in any way to prepare pigcraft for Christmas. As for minigames, I have a few frisky ideas I need to come up with. It's really simple, but it's still on the drawingboard, but I'll likely make a thread about it in a near future. Christmas market sounds nice. Perhaps a discount on red/white wool?
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