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My 7th plot application

Do I really need to post pics again?

All my plots are full, yada yada, I'm the only one posting these, I have no life, I should really just go get one, you know the whole deal, right?

I'm planning to work on some cool stuff, probably for PVP, as 90% of my builds are meant for it.

I'll make sure to post some pictures of my plots if needed.
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Give him plot pls
TB was here
I've been to all of his plots and yes he needs another plot
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(09-20-2014, 12:09 PM)lakemed Wrote: I've been to all of his plots and yes he needs another plot

Lakemed, please do not comment on Additional Plot Applications unless you have something important to say regarding the application. We do value the opinions of the players, however granting additional plots is strictly a privilege reserved for Staff members.


As for the actual app itself, +1. I see no reason to limit the amount of creations that someone with building talent such as yourself.
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TB was here <3
I think he shouldn't get another plot because he needs to get a life.

Not kidding.
Lol just kidding to that. GIVE DIS BOY ANOTHER PLOT

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TB was here

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