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Submissions: Best Maze (Contest)
Calling all Builders/Maze Runners!


A new contest is opening here at PigCraft!
This is a build contest, where you challenged to build your best Maze!
The Maze should be a medium level, and you can put any non-lethal ideas into you want, so go crazy!

General Rules:
  1. The Maze should be built in Creative World and above ground, you can have parts go underground, but PLEASE TELL US. This is in case your maze is used, we don't want to cut it off if there is more.
  2. Themes are up to you, just remember you can't go killing people in your maze.
  3. The Maze can be as large as you'd like to make it, BUT must include the following:
    • 12 small treasure like rooms.
    • 1 large treasure like room.
    • 3 Boss fight rooms.
  4. It must be done and have at least 1 picture in your submission to this thread.

Minecraft Username: ...
Title of Work: ...
Why I Should Win (Optional): ...

You must also include at least 1 screenshot of your artwork, no more than 3. Again, you must include a pic of your art!!
The prize for this contest is $25,000 Fé, one of the 12 small treasure items in advance, a free pair of Enchanted Boots, a Map and Compass and the winning build featured somewhere in Pigtopia.

Bonus Options:
  • Add multiple levels to your maze (earns extra $5,000 Fé if you win)
  • Add a trapped room that is dangerous or has a puzzle in it to get out [remember you can harm but not kill your maze runners] (earns extra $1,500 Fé for each trap room you have [up to 10] if you win)
  • Add a scenery change that changes how the maze looks as the players progress (earns extra $5,000 Fé if you win)

Entries close 6/29/2014. Judging will begin the following day.

Good luck! And happy building! :D

Here is some music to listen to while you build:

this looks fun :o
Click if you want. Just random stuff anyways.
Yes i like peridot -w-
Samlucas was here
Oh hey Lucas!~Kate
Hai c:
This contest is aMAZE. (lol)

I'll make one make one, if I find time in my very busy scedule.
''Me fail english? That's unpossible!'' -Ralph Wiggum
Minecraft Username: Ellyssa
Title of Work: The Cave In
Why I should win: Mazes are crazy. Be gentle, this is the first time I have ever tried to make a maze like this before.
Me rambling on in general:
Oh MY goodness. I started this thinking 'hey, how hard could a maze be to make.' And then I starting making my initial plan larger.. and larger.. and then I added the underground layer.. Wow it certainly was a lot more work than I originally expected but it was fun to make. Hopefully the maze wont kill anyone, it is kind of hard to judge how much damage will be taken in creative but I don't think my drop are too high and I suppose I could add water if need be. I tried to have adequate hidden lighting because I'm not sure how mob spawns were going to handled with the mazes. There are at least 12 treasure rooms, but tbh I think there are a lot more in the maze. There are also four boss fight areas (the towers) and other areas that could probably be used for bosses as well. There is a trap (sort of? It's very basic I suppose). Two levels (there is a hidden mess between as well because I had scrapped ideas and built through them). There might be a scenery change, I guess that's up to the judge tbh.

Screenshots: I tried to take them so they wouldn't reveal too too much..
All of the above plus some in an imgur album:

EDIT for Dev:
Where the maze starts on my plot: x: -1079 z: -1256


I guess this is never going to be judged then?
Minecraft Username: Abelhinj (Head designer), Artistan_of_War (Co. Design/redstone dude) Peanuts123456 (Builder)
Title of Work:Queen Jennay's Labyrinth
Why We Should Win : We should win because we put large amounts of time and effort to making this the best we could to make Pigcraft a more enjoyable server. Also give players something to do since I hear a lot of "I'm bored".

Middle Floor, The Living Quarters of a Follower.
The "Middle Floor" is a mediums sized 2D maze that has 6 lesser chests, 1 boss room (with chest) and plenty of traps and obstacles with miniscule amount of secrets.

Bottom Floor, For One Who Walks a Path Destruction.
The "Bottom Floor" is accessible through the "Middle Floor" and is a Small sized somewhat 3D mazed with 6 lesser chests, 1 boss room (with chest) And a great amount of traps and very few obstacles And a bunch of secrets. Its also very dark.

Top Floor, The Heaven For the Royal.
The Top Floor is also accessible through the Middle Floor and is a Large 3D Sized Maze with 6 lesser chests, 1 boss room (with chest) and no traps and a couple of obstacles and no secrets. This lever isn't all that hard when you do it i hope you have a bag a chips and a drink. Cuz you gunna der ah lerng term. Its lit up so no spookyness.

Special thanks to The_OGkitteh for WE
P.S. There is a lot of paintings so be sure they are copied also.
Where can we find both of your submissions? (Which of your plots in creative)
Its on Abelhinj's plot

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