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Creative Contest
Hey peoples halo here. I'm hosting a creative contest where the winner shall be decided by whom ever can make the best Prison. And the prize is everything I've managed to obtain while playing pigcraft. Not just my items, but my items, money, houses, regions and animals. Everything. I've been planning to start over for a while now but couldn't figure out how to do it. So i decided on a creative contest. I'll be the judge for the contest, entries will be open for exactly one month. Entries close as 10:00pm est on the 10th of June. You must include atleast one screen shot of your work and at most five. please include your IGN, title of your work, and if you feel like it, why you think you should win. Happy Building

EDIT: I have realized that there's another contest going on ATM and another one coming after that, So im keeping this contest up but im going to postpone the deadline until all after Chris's contest is finished.


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