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Winners: Custom Trees (Contest)
Important - Please have a staff member save your tree before you remove it, otherwise we can't use it!

Congratulations to abelhinj / namimori for getting the most votes by staff! Our winners also include TheSamluc, Ellyssa, and Triple_Backfist! Each of you have been credited $3,000 iCo* and will have your tree(s) featured in Pigtopia!

Those of you whom did not win, don't fret! We may still use your tree anyway, in which case you will be awarded the $3,000 as deserved. Thank you all for participating!

*Split for abelhinj and namimori, both get $1,500 iCo!
Come ask me if you want the extra 3000 I promised :)
Congratz guys :)

Twees... twees... nuclear winter... twees... (I have no clue where I'm going with this xD)
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