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Why Did We Move TF2 Forums?
I, personally, think it was fine where it was. This new layout is not only confusing, but it removed some of the forums that were there such as "Report A User" and "Suggestions". It seems as if we're trying to exile the TF2 servers without completely taking it away.

Just a thought
awesomenauts is gone too
I asked to remove them because they were rarely used and contained little information (anything useful, like your guides, is now in Discussion -> Team Fortress 2). The TF2 forums were also confusing in that newbies would post their Minecraft issues under TF2.

Unless anyone is absolutely distraught, this is a permanent change.
I just don't like what's above the shoutbox. That little banner, It's kind of annoying.
Weren't you the one who wanted it above the Shout Box? :P
» wc_fm_boy3 - 09-01-21:56 -- Aww, That sucks Oh well Nice work happy :P
» HappyPikachu - 09-01-20:13 -- Not possible, otherwise I would have.
» wc_fm_boy3 - 09-01-19:23 -- I don't like what hp did. I mean atleast put the image above the shoutbox so it looks better.

Lol, I'm silly. Thanks Happy :)

Sneaky Pikachu
Actually I think it would look better under the shoutbox in my opinion.
It goes "Forum color scheme Community forum", "Forum color scheme Minecraft forum", "EWW RED PEOPLE TOO UNNATURAL AND OUTA PLACE", and then "Forum color scheme shoutbox".

It impedes on the color scheme. I think it should go below the shoutbox, so there isn't a break in the colors. I think it looks weird, but could just be me.
Well the problem I see is once people join our server through the banner (looks very nice) they will have no idea where to post
Thanks to whoever deleted my post. Not really. Why did it get deleted?

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