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FAQ - General Information - VIP Forums
Greetings wonderful players of PigCraft QC!
Lately the VIP section has been booming with excitement and new apps, which is of course exactly what we were hoping to see. In this there has been more than a few people who have been confused about postings and requirements etc. So I am here to clean up some confusion!

Table of Contents for FAQ
1) Who can post in the VIP Application Forums and Threads?
2) What do votes count for?
3) Why do VIPs need community builds?
4) What counts as a community build?
5) Why do only 2 Applicants get VIP a month?
6) What if I applied and didn't get accepted this month?

If you have a question that wasn't answered here then post it below, and the staff will respond as soon as we can!

1) Who can post in the VIP Application Forums and Threads?
  • Any player may post an VIP Application so long as they have (or think they have) met all the minimum requirements found ->here<-. Once an App has been posted ALL MEMBERS+ may post on the App giving their opinion and providing their vote (normally seen as +1 or -1). If you post on someones App you should not just criticize or glorify them. You should give reasoning to support your opinion and if possible suggest things to help them improve.

2) What do votes count for?
  • As each Application gets votes from the community, it will also get votes from the staff. The staff tend to be a bit tougher in voting than the community, but that does not mean your vote doesn't matter. As our community votes the staff use their votes to see if the community is willing to accept the Applicant to be ranked up to VIP. The staff will ultimately make a choice after this.

3) Why do VIPs need community builds?
  • In order for a player to become a VIP they must have community builds or artwork to put in their application. The reason this is needed in addition to being helpful on the server and in-game is as follows. When a player chooses to leave we like them to have a long-standing community service (ie. build) that can still help the server, despite their absence. Additionally we like to see that the player has not spent the whole of their time on the server flying in circles in the creative world, but rather they have been playing the game and have something to show for it.

4) What counts as a community build?
  • This is a difficult question to answer in general, as there are many, many possible things that could be made and count as a community build. Instead here is a list of the more common ideas of community builds:
    • Cities and towns where several players build and can live.
    • PvP and spleef arenas.
    • Parkour courses.
    • Large pixel art projects (in any world).
    • Winning build contest projects that are displayed after completion.
    • Finished plots in creative that have well designed and built projects (up to staff what counts).
    • Any builds made that get displayed in Spawn Area.
    • And many more.

5) Why do only 2 Applicants get VIP a month?
  • The reason only 2 Applicants are accepted per month (or less) is because the rank itself is suppose to be difficult to achieve. To be a Very Important PigCrafter the player must have worked hard to have not only met all the requirements but also gained the acceptance of the community. A MAXIMUM of 2 Applicants will be accepted per month to reduce the chance of an over flow of VIPs being made at once. Note that this is the maximum and is not going to always be met. There may be months where do to lack of Applications or lack of valid Applications less than 2 are accepted.

6) What if I applied and didn't get accepted this month?
  • If you made a VIP Application but did not get accepted during the month you made it do not fear! The Applications admission rolls to the next month and will continue to do so, until one of the following occurs: the application is approved, it is requested to be closed, it is closed due to failure to meet requirements, and/or it is denied. If your application is closed or denied you may post a new application in the future, so long as you show growth from your previous application.
Update: Edited Number 1.


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