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Who is your least favorite champion?
SH I play teemo plOx so shush.
I hate Ash its kind of annoying :L

I hate twitch... Annoying little bitch with his invisibility :P
Dev enjoying his bunnies

Random Staff Noobie
twitch is pretty annoying, but in most cases it just denies you a kill
Nidalee isn't as annoying as teemo..
Shrooms everywhere and that fkn blind dart, can't riot just delete that champion.... Please?

Have a nice day!
Obviously, Sloope reads the forums. Over there if you say Teemo, you really mean Satan.

So yeah, Teemo and Rammus (On the enemy team) although I main him.
A lot of champions have annoying abilities I hate a lot of champs just because of this but they are not always a pain to verse I am going to list some
Sivir and Nocturne: SPELL SHIELDS BROKEN
Karthus: R to win
Teemo: Shrooms
Nidalee: Spears
Amumu: Crowd control king
Irelia: She can go into fights with a little damage and I you have less damage taken than she does she stuns you
Jax: late games a bitch
Shaco: counter jungle king
Master yi: 2 kills and all downhill from there
Tryndamere: cool down on undying rage
Darius: Get dunked
Vi: Get dunked
Jarvan IV: Get dunked
Garen: teemo does not counter him I tried and then I played as garen and crushed him
Udyr: E->Q->W->Q->W->Q->E->Q->Dead
Fizz: That ult
Lee Sin:Good luck not getting baron stolen
Kassadin: Good luck ap mid, Such mobility
Morgana: Black shield and ap jungler
Rammus: such taunt
Syndra: balls everywhere
Leblanc: burst and escape with w->r
Katarina: resets >_<
Nasus: STACKS and can't beat his ult or sustain
Renekton: Can't beat his ult
Riven: Can't beat her ult
Zilean and Kayle: ult op
Dr. Mundo: lol
Volibear: such passive and took a bite out of ----- like scruff mcgruff took a bite out of crime
teemo is the most amazing champion evur what game are we talking about
If u look at the Signature Touch ur head

Derpy Player



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