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More creative plots!
Hello guys, so I was thinking about something.

Every now and then, I fill a plot up with all kinds of builds. I'm a pretty frequent builder, so of course I have three, which is the current limit.

Now, it's painful to clear a plot over and over to have more space for other builds. I spent some time flying around creative, and I noticed that there is a lot of empty plots, which means that raising the plot limit would be no problem, my opinion.

Now, this is probably a decision for the staff, but I think the new limit should be 5-6. But if you think that it should be less, it's fine. I just don't think three is enough.

I've had these three plots for ages now. In the first, there's my haunted house, the /warp haunted. I wouldn't dare to clear that, even though I rarely use it. The second plot is a castle I'm building for Evil, and in the third, well, it's empty now that I cleared it for more space.

Over the time, I've probably cleared around 10 filled plots, if not more. That was really painful, considering I liked a lot of them. One of the reasons to raise the limit! Hopefully I'm not the only one with this problem.

Anyway, please think about it.

Thank you!
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I agree there's nothing bad at having more plots when your other builds are worth it. I like to see creations in Creative and I understand Chris that clearing nice looking plots isn't necessary.
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I can agree to this. I have had to clear several of my plots in the past to make way for new ideas, losing hours if not days worth of work. I don't believe that the limit should be raised, but rather exceptions be made for rare cases.

Damnit Chris now you have me thinking about all the builds I've lost T_T RIP DOOS

I have thought about this,
My opinion is for Creative Builds you make your build, on a plot, if you have all 3 done then you get a new plot.
Once the contest is over for the creative builds, someone does /plot done or finished(Can't remember the command on the spot) and the plot is saved and no longer editable, but it still exists. If you still wish to work on it, once the contest is over, you get awarded more time, before a /plot done occurs. This plot never counts towards your 3 plot rule.

Then for people who have finished their other 3 plots with builds, you may be awarded a new plot, for a reason. I believe there must be a plan for a build, with at least a rudemantary idea of what will go there before a fourth usable plot is given.

In your case Chris, if you are done with the haunted plot permanently, I think a /plotme done(or finsihed again can't remember) should be done, and you get a new plot. If suddenly you want to work on it again then perhaps there might be a way to re-open the plot.
Yes I agree with dev. If all three of your plots are filled (mostly) then you should able to get more. Don't place a limit, as there are more plots than we can really ever need.
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@Dev. Great idea dev. +1
Alright, so I typed /plotme done in the haunted house plot, and somehow I can still build in there and it still counts it as one of mine. I'm pretty confused D:
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When I said 'counts' I referenced the invisible number which we believe to be the number of plots you own. It would still be owned by you, but not count as one of your 3. If you can still build on a finished plot, GREAT! Hopefully then the idea will be voted on :3
Also it says I still have three plot, so I'm not able to claim any more. D:
''Me fail english? That's unpossible!'' -Ralph Wiggum
I would like to just be able to get more plots rather than just finishing them and leaving them
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