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Submissions: Best Haunted-Coaster (Mini-Build Contest)
Ahoy mateys! Here be me entry fer this here creepy minecart contest.
User: Tarajist
Title: The Hidden Sanctuary

Come with me, if you will, on the quest of an old pirate for the fountain of youth. Hidden deep below me home in the snow lies a secret place where youth and vitality springs eternal for them what can find it. But to get there you must first dare a most dangerous of cart journey through the dark crypts and caves beneath me tower. I will warn ye well first, I have heard spiders and other dark things lurking down below... in the dark places between life an' death. But surely nothing can go wrong!

This cart ride is on the main server already and accessible under me home. You can get there either through the hidden entrance inside me tower or through the crypt in the graveyard 'round back. It is far easier in the day when the front gates are open and the dead do not stir in the graveyard. However, the minecart destination varies day or night. By day taking it sends ya to m1a2x3x4's citadel, by night it goes to me library and the secrets hidden therein.

Why should I win? I dunno, I built it on main? Some people claim that's hardcore. While it may be a short ride for the most part, it includes some large and interesting builds. Some of these I have been working on since I started Pigcraft. Half the fun is outside the minecart just explorin' around a bit. It's been a labour of love. There are lots of secrets and various ways through to... the Sanctuary.

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