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League Sub-forum Guidelines
Welcome to the Pigcraft's Official League Sub-forum!

This forum is a place to post all things League of Legends, whether it be build guides, screenshot, stories, fan art, advice, ask for help or finding a duo partner.

All of the forum rules apply here, as well as a few other guidelines.

1.)Try and keep your posts organized (especially guides)

2.) A template will be posted for guides, it is not required that you follow it, but if your post is a giant wall of text that is not understandable, you will be warned to improve it. (if no action to improve it is taken, it will be removed.)

3.) There are many ways to build and play each character, if you do not agree with a build guide or strategy, you may make friendly suggestions or post your own guide, toxic behavior will not be tolerated.

4.) If you have any problem with anything in this forum, please contact myself or missfitt5555 (I have Steam, and check the forums several times a day so a PM will suffice.)

Have fun and get posting!
Locked and Stickied

So Pigcraft has a big enough fanbase to make it's own sub-forum... HUH!? </3
WARNING: [Do not open if you are subject to epileptic seizures]

TB was here
Unstickied, most of these should be implied by the Forum Rules at this point.

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