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First post for league.
I'm posting from my iPhone so nothing too fancy. I play league of legends my summoner name is : Fear rS (no the rS doesn't mean runescape it was something unrelated) I am Lvl 30 and in bronze 2 (any form of bronze is like a ranked purgatory of the players own creation because there is almost no way out) and I normally play duo and skype with a friend I know I real life hi summoner name is: Steazzy. If anyone would like to queue up with me and Steazzy just friend me and message me who you are on the server so I can recognize who you are. We don't have to skype but it makes communication so much easier.
You should probably write on wich server you play on aswell, seeming there are a "few" different ones


Have a nice day!
NA my bad :p there is a Fearrs on euw I think but nobody with my specific name on lolking.
The updates take forever to download
Don't necro threads cats >_>

If you are having slow downloads try exiting (not just closing) steam. Also close things like twitch YouTube and even minecraft.



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