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Poll: Which entry should win this contest?
This poll is closed.
Rainbow road of epicness by coolkate1
4 11.11%
Pigtopia Racing Arena~ by Emericasktr1
5 13.89%
Wicca Track by Lavi5
1 2.78%
Emeralds Down Race Track by karatekid6199/rvbfreak21
2 5.56%
The Festival! by abelhinj/Artisan_of_War
16 44.44%
Horse Kart MC by mrdbzdude
8 22.22%
Total 36 vote(s) 100%
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Best Horse Racetrack (Contest)
I don't get why people are voting for festival.
Mrdbzdude deserve to win.
His track is beautiful and he worked on a lot of time.

Math it is called an opinion.
we recognize mrdbzdude put a lot of time into it,
but it is for the best race track. dbz' is like a bit of a random track, no theme. Festival is quicker, and has a theme, and many of us like it more. Take no offense, Opinions are just that,
opinions, not facts.
I agree with dev, though i would like to win for all the time I put in, i respect other people's opinions and understand why they think that mine is a little random, it represents my personality a bit
Everyone would rather have something not as outgoing, which is BS about these contests. I don't mean to sound rude, but meh. People try to keep it cool and well, we need something more exciting to be added here. Something that can really draw attention to new players. *Like Mrd's* Abel's is really great too, but ya know.
The horse track sugar and I were working on was suppose to be in there but sugar forgot to upload it.
I vote horse kart that one looks random =D



Math. You have to respect other people's opinions and don't criticize someone's work when you think someone else should win.

That is a big no no.
TB was here
Congratulations to abelhinj/Artisan_of_War for winning this contest! Prize money has been sent to abelhinj in-game. Speak to a staff member if there are any issues splitting the prize.

Your build will be featured somewhere in Pigtopia in the near future!

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