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[Template] How To Post A VIP Application
Before you create an application, please ensure you meet the following requirements:
  • No more than two (2) VIP ranks have been awarded in the past month.
  • Are mature and will keep foul language to a minimum.
  • Has played on the Pigcraft QC server for at least 60 days.
  • Has a fully-registered forum account.
  • Has contributed to server via community builds or artwork.
  • Can demonstrate interest in assisting players and the server.
  • Capable of logging into the server on a semi-weekly basis.
Your application will be a new thread consisting of a minimum one (1) paragraph of information including, but not limited to, demonstration of the requirements listed above, your Minecraft username, your time zone and availability, and why you are deserving of this rank.

Applications may take several weeks to process. Do not bump applications (we will consider this a penalty on your part). Good luck!
This gives current VIPs basically no reward. It used to be 5 months or so, it is now only 2 months? We were dedicated to the server and worked hard.

Is this basically a nomination thread for ourselves? I don't think that that's right.

VIP was designed to be given out by staff to people who worked hard, but were not suggesting themselves, they were picked unknowingly.

I'll add to this later, bit distracted

Beware the Werewolf Ranger

Are non VIPs allowed to post on apps?
Starting from now, I will give back any NEGATIVE rep given to me.

Quede quod habes, et habes.- Believe you have it, and you do.

TB was here
Pretty sure this should've been locked. Unlock if not.
Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup; best prepared with tenderizing from the banhammer and cooked in the spawn lavajail.

Need admin help? PM me, and I'll get to you when I'm next available. I can fix forum and (most) in-game issues.
To answer Humphrey's concerns that these applications devalue the VIP rank, we will still be very selective on whom we choose to award the rank to. The process needed to be more well-defined, and that was the goal of creating these applications.
CATSOF =^..^=
TB was here <3
What Catsof said and also that VIP is not and has never been determined by how long you've been on the server. The 60 days is just to ensure familiarity with the server and community.

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