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Pigcraft Gude: Rags to Riches
So most people wonder how I made $50 Million+ and was able to give it all away so I'm here to give you all the knowledge you need to be just as successful, if not more, than me! (This will also make the shop market 400x more competitive and will make Pigcraft more capitalistic!). I will add spoilers so you can skip to the parts you think apply to you! Make sure to leave a comment if this helped or not, I love feedback!

Note: Mods/Admins feel free to add on to this as long as you don't add anything that will disrupt the goal of helping players!


Find a nice flat surface is optimal because it cuts the time you need to actually put into other things such as flatten surfaces and clear mountains. Once you've picked a nice location start building the foundations, so think about the materials you will be using to build the outside. Just as a tip differentiate your shops from others by using materials that aren't commonly used such as obsidian. Once you've build the foundations then just add on to stuff by adding small details! After this you're ready to move onto more advanced things.

So once you've made you're shop I'm sure you are wondering "How much should I sell (Insert Item Here) for?" and I'm here to fix that! Just look at your competition, and make your prices 5-10% cheaper than them so that way your shop is more appealing to customers. If you have no competition then just think if you were the customer what would the maximum limit you would buy it for, and if you don't know then just /mail or /msg me and I would be happy to help! Another hint is to make cheap items up front in your shop so that way you lure customers in and then you can really make some profit.

So even if you have the most fantastic shop ever the fact is you need customers, and let me tell you it's not an easy job. Before we venture into this topic any further I will set out a warning: do not spam chat, mods and admins will not appreciate it and it will disrupt from the main goal of the chat which is just talking. But if you need customers I would suggest doing /money on random online players and if they have $10,000+ ask them if they have heard about your shop and if they say yes ask them to visit it and if they say no ask then why. Customer feedback will be SUPER IMPORTANT when you first start that way you are actually able to see the mistakes and fix them. Of course a way to get customers is to advertise but do not spam chat... Send a message about your shop maybe 2 times every 5 minutes, but even then other players will get mad at you super quickly so I don't advise this!

Item Selection:
Make sure to keep stock of popular items such as Diamonds, Spawners, etc. as they tend to bring in the biggest crowds. If you have items that are hot on the market you will have a huge influx of loyal customers and they will almost always come back if you have a decent variety of items. In the future I will have a General Items Pricing Guide and a list of what items you should carry at all times to have the most successful business in all of Pigcraft!
Shop Management:
I don't advise partnering with anyone to co-own your shop because then you have to split your precious profits. Also make sure to check on your shop every so often to make sure your prices are up to date, players will eventually stop coming to your shop if your prices are consistently overpriced. If you need any advice just /mail or /msg me and I would be glad to help you with any problems you have.

Award Customer Loyalty:
My shop was super successful and I had a loyal customer base because I had a reward system which was rewarding to players who just joined the program and to the long lasting customers. I mean my rewards started at a cake and went to hundreds of spawners if you spent $5 Million. You don't need this but it definitely will help with your shop, and you can choose whatever rewards you want because it's your shop!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed the guide!
P.S This is post #500 for me :D
I'm pretty sure I'm one of the people that asked for his. xD
Anyways, thank you! These tips seem very helpful.

P.S. We'll miss you on the server! Just make sure to drop by every now and then. :3

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TB was here
You really made $50 million? Over the course of the time spent on the server maybe, but nobody ever had that much money at once.
My collection:

The 50 million wasn't in money it was in combined money + projected sales of these items which I never got around to actually putting effort into selling.
Nice guide!

My tip from when I was a customer is to make the shop look Very fancy.

P.S. Adding a bit of adventure could attract more crowds :D Make sure the adventure would be rewarding though. Like a better priced diamonds or something, or a simple mob grinder where they can sell the rewards for dirt cheap and think they are making money :P

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