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Programmer thread :D
PigCrafts Programmer Thread!

THis is a thread for Pigcrafts programmer's to let people know they are a programmer, Show everyone their work, and if they have any code questions to post em. To look fancy, whenever you post code, make the font Courier

Post comments on forum programmers/testers if you have any small requests. I suggest all large requests be sent via PM to author. As they will most likely have things that they will veto.

Programmers you should know:


For some weird reason good looking hex colors arent working on forums. If you are on the list and want namecolor changed tell me.

When posting code, be sure to include Which Language

Dont be afraid to ask questions!!! If you wish to learn programming, you may post here. Might get to adding a programming basics thing here, but for now any person requesting for begginer programmer help, must have completed a Hello World program in their desired language.
Any user who dares to speak haskell inside this thread shall be beaten with fish.
devojha Wrote:Any user who dares to speak haskell inside this thread shall be beaten with fish.

Mmm, fish are delicious. So Haskell~~

In all seriousness, I'm learning Java, slowly.
CATSOF =^..^=
TB was here <3
Using [.code] tags would help when posting code as well. :p

Catsof Wrote:So Haskell~~~


Mainly use Java/C#. Good knowledge of C++ and C, but I try to use them as little as possible. As for code, check out my bitbucket profile for my public projects (mainly just *bukkit plugins). I'll post some interesting stuff I've got lying around in my hard drive later :p.

EDIT: According to forum rule #1337 it is now bannable to post any functional-type language code in this thread. (This includes Haskell, Lisp, Prolog, etc)
CLIP- Stellvertreter Wrote:
"A programmer is just a tool which converts caffeine into code"

SwaggDragon Wrote:Evil you're the 9/11 of Staff Leaders

GOPikachuGO Wrote:I keep finding Oceans in these Seas

Quote:Evil Banned me for a week Im Crying in real life IM TELLING NOTCH! HA HA Shame on you HAHAHAHHAHAHA
TB was here
My father used to work in FORTRAN. Never used it myself. I heard that KOBALT is way better :P
Man life inb4 OOP. I want to try the difference XD

* Devojha slaps catsof around a bit with a large trout.
HOw dare ye speak of Haskell

my main languages are VB/C#/Java

VB because my school forces me too. I have worked with many other languages, just those three are my top 3. My BitBucket is Valar_Dev if you want to find me there. I dont keep much code up there though XD.
I actually have a friend who just learned Java and he's teaching me so soon (hopefully) I should be able to create my own things without screwing up. \o/
Dev enjoying his bunnies

Random Staff Noobie
Dev you forgot to add me onto that list buddy. put wc_fm_boy3 (Muffinz) :)
Pfft. Foolish peasants. Don't you know that BASC is superior to all other languages!!

I'm also going to be learning JAVA this year and my dad is going to help me learn BASIC PLUS, FORTRAN, and. C++.
TB was here
What about me? :3 I have limited knowledge of Java, and I'm still learning.


▌ |
▌ ☻ Bob has been hung for War Crimes against Google+.
▌ /▌\ Copy and paste to spread the word.
▌ / \
EWWW Erlang doesnt need an if statement. GROSSS

Functional languages are weird.

Cat heres code for Haskell(its weird)

-- Fibonacci numbers, functional style

-- describe an infinite list based on the recurrence relation for Fibonacci numbers
fibRecurrence first second = first : fibRecurrence second (first + second)

-- describe fibonacci list as fibRecurrence with initial values 0 and 1
fibonacci = fibRecurrence 0 1

-- describe action to print the 10th element of the fibonacci list
main = print (fibonacci !! 10)
-- Wikipedia skills :p

So many programmers yet no one can build a website for Pigcraft? :(

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